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  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 1987

  • Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia, University of Kansas Medical Center, 1996

  • Served as the Advanced Practice Representative to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, 2006-2011

  • Served as President of the OK Association of Nurse Anesthetists, 2013-2015

  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Certified Hypnotherapist, 2022

  • Member in good standing of the NGH since 2022

  • Certified in Pain Management through the American School of Hypnosis, 2023

  • Started Believe & Succeed LLC, 2022

  • Member of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, 2023

  • IAHP Certified Advanced 5-PATHR Hypnotherapist, 2024

  • Master Hypnotist Certification, 2024

  • Certified 7th Path Self-HypnosisR Teacher, 2024

Why I Switched from Anesthesia to Hypnotherapy


I was attending a continuing education meeting for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) in Montana and one of the lecturers was a Certified Hypnotherapist, in addition to being a CRNA. He wasn't promoting hypnosis but rather stressing the importance of how we phrase things when educating our patients on what to expect during their surgical experience. He also lectured on what happens when we sleep and how important it is for our mental balance. He described the birthing experiences of both of his daughters with his wife using only self-hypnosis - no epidural, no pain medication. It was all so fascinating to me! 


I researched the program he attended for certification. It was run by a retired CRNA, M. Ron Eslinger, at Healthy Visions in Clinton, TN, and was approved by my national certifying body for education credits so I signed up. I had nothing to lose! Long story short, I loved it. I immediately started setting up my business and working with friends and colleagues free of charge. Soon after, I started seeing paying clients. Then I learned about Cal Banyan and 5-PATHTM Hypnosis at my first National Guild of Hypnotists convention. And there, I signed up for his course. 

I retired from Nurse Anesthesia and dedicated myself to hypnosis/hypnotherapy. Best decision ever! I have a passion for helping people get to the root of their issues and neutralize them. It's as if the seeds ware never planted! My extensive background and knowledge in nursing and anesthesia gives me an advantage over many other hypnotists.

Let me just add a quick testimonial for 7th PathR.  I am not only a teacher of it, I "walk the walk". Through my practice, I have discovered a sense of calm and security that I never dreamed was possible. I have more focus and get so much more done in a day.  


I am currently doing in-office hypnosis sessions in Edmond, OK, but soon, I will be able to offer on-line sessions anywhere in the world! If you would like to hear more, please give me a call at (405)550-9331 or email me at

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